The Best 12 Office Executive Chairs Under $300 Reviews

Wondering about what to do with the old chair you have in your office?

Let me give you an amazing suggestion – trash it away! I know it is not an easy task for you to replace that wonderful chair you have always been so close to, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to purchase brand new chairs for yourself or your employees. I am here to talk about the best office executive chairs that you can buy for your office.

Why would you want to go for the chairs I talk about in this article?

Because all these chairs are quite affordable. In fact, they are all under $300 and thus, you can purchase as many office chairs as you want. If you can afford to buy them in bulk for your staff, you can replace all the broken chairs your staff find difficult to sit in.

Now let me not make you wait for this list; this is probably the last time you are sitting in that damaged chair because after reading the following list, you are going to be tempted enough to grab an amazing one for yourself. Here’s everything about the top 12 executive office chairs you must know:

Essentials ESS-6060 High-Back Racing Style Leather Executive Office:Computer Chair

1. If you haven’t got this high-black racing style leather computer chair by Essentials ESS-6060, you’ve got nothing at all: Are you a fan of car racing? If yes, just look at the beauty of this exquisite chair and you are so much going to want it RIGHT NOW! It has a unique appearance and thus, it becomes an apple to your eyes. It is known for its superior comfort, luxurious look and tilt-tension control for your body. You don’t have to “get” into a comfortable position; it automatically adjusts to your body and makes you feel good. At the rate of only $98.18, you can now work comfortably in this chair.


best office executive chairs under 300 reviews

2. This Homall executive swivel leather gaming chair with lumbar support and headrest is a delight for all the game lovers at work: Another piece that’s going to take you back to all those car racing game memories you have locked in your mind! This chair has been crafted in black and white colors. If you want the best product at the best price of $99.99 (shipping charges separately), you might want to check this product. It has the capacity to bear the weight of up to 300 pounds. You can tilt its position even when you want to give a nice stretch to your back.


best office executive chairs under 300 reviews3. Let us begin with the voluptuous high-back executive chair by AmazonBasics: Psst… it’s black, it’s classy and it’s sexy! The moment you look at the beauty of this enigmatic piece, you fall in love with it. That’s the power of Amazon Essentials and its products. The good news is that it is in black – a color that looks gorgeous in all sorts of interiors. In fact, that’s exactly what this chair is all about – it wishes to be a piece of your interiors, instead of being a random chair at work. If you want to add uniqueness to your office, this is the chair you can get for $109.99!

best office executive chairs under 300 reviews

4. Here’s the Acepro reclining executive office chair that comes with a footrest: What’s a modern chair? When you look at this piece, you realize what you have been missing all this while. Forget about all the back related issues you have been facing because this chair offers a footrest to you. You can either use this as a footrest or even place your laptop and work on it. At the rate of $139.99 (no additional cost for shipping), you can add beauty to your office. Faux leather has been used to create this piece with a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The whole surface provides you with support when your body needs it.


best office executive chairs under 300 reviews

5. Now let’s talk about this serious big and tall executive chair by AmazonBasics: AmazonBasics has always been known for its high-quality chairs; this time, it has been appreciated for its big and tall executive chair! The brown leather cover of this beauty has an adjustable lumbar mechanism that is perfect to support your lower back. You don’t feel like getting up when you become a “part” of this chair. The next time you don’t want to go to home, blame this chair. It gives you so much comfort at the price of $159.99 that you will see it worth the cost.

best office executive chairs under 300 reviews

6. Got back issues? This Serta Works Executive office chair with AIR technology is going to give you just the thing you want for your back: Leather! If you are a fan of eco-friendly bonded leather, this is the chair that’s going to make you feel the texture of the same. Steal a shade of Mr. Gray by owning this gray colored chair for just $168.09! This timeless piece has been created with the “pillow” technology; in simple words, you feel like you are sitting on a pile of pillows. It can be adjusted according to your height as well. In short, you will get the most bang for your buck with this chair.

Essentials by OFM ESS-201 Big and Tall Leather Executive Office Chair with Arms

7. You wouldn’t want to miss this big and tall leather executive office chair by OFM ESS-201: If you haven’t checked the remarkable beauty of this tall leather chair, you haven’t seen anything at all yet. It has outstretched arms to support yours just the way you want when you are relaxing, taking a mini-break from your work. There is a tilt lock that adjusts the angle when you are sitting in this chair. This chair is specially designed for all those with upper back and shoulder issues, since it has padded arms that support your body for good. What’s more? You own this piece at just $175.48

TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair Ergonomic Design Chair Skeletal Back Synchronous Mechanism(Black) Hanger function

8. The last beast in the list is the TOPSKY mesh computer office chair: With a warranty of one year and a rate of only $175.99, you can now get a chair that makes you experience the meaning of “ultimate comfort.” If you want to hang your coat, or even your bag, right behind your chair, this piece comes with a hanger behind it as well.


VIVA Office Ergonomic High Back Mesh Chair with Adjustable Headrest and Armrest (Viva1168F1)

9. Presenting the most stylish VIVA office ergonomic executive chair: Have you always felt leg fatigue? Sometimes, you are unable to describe the discomfort in your legs, but that’s only because some chair didn’t build the way it should be. It is not providing you with the kind of support this chair can provide you with. At just $179.99, you can now get this high-quality nylon base chair.



Serta Works Executive Office Chair with Back in Motion Technology, Bonded Leather, Black

10. Nothing can be compared with this awesome Serta Works executive office chair: This wonderful baby comes with motion technology. It has been carefully crafted with bonded leather. It takes you back to all those times when your favorite color was black, if it is still not the same. You don’t feel even a pinch of discomfort when you are in this chair. In fact, you might not realize when the time passes at work. When you spend $236.08 on buying this chair, you spend to buy comfort for yourself at your office. Let me not miss mentioning about the stylish push-button that adjusts the height! The gloss finishing of this chair gives that perfect touch to your cabin.


La-Z-Boy Bellamy Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair - Coffee (Brown)

11. You won’t regret buying this beautiful La-Z-Boy Bellamy executive leader office chair: This beauty belongs to the color of that thick coffee in your mug. So if you are a coffee lover, you can never say NO to this exquisite piece. It uses the concept of “cushioning” to give that perfect relaxing effect to you. No matter how hard you work on your keyboard or on that phone, you have something that keeps you working while relaxing your body. The most wonderful thing about this chair is that it improves the body alignment of the individual. Price? Just $245.44! If you want utmost comfort when you are focusing at work, this is the great chair for you.

best office executive chairs under 300 reviews

12. Let’s get lazy with this La-Z-Boy Delano big and tall executive leather office chair that all people have their eyes on: This lazy chair is designed for all the lazy bones out there who work overtime to complete their workload. Jokes apart, this brown chair has been assigned with a special name called “chestnut”, because the texture of this beauty reminds you of the same. At the rate of $254.99, you own something that will last you for a while. If it is time for you to get a new chair for your comfort, this chair is a great way to give yourself a treat!

Now, you are aware of the list the top 12 executive chairs under $300, get yourself an executive office chair to start a productive year. Nothing is better than having a comfortable chair at your desk or L Shape Computer Desk, whether it is for yourself or for those who work hard in your office. You can even treat your high-performing staff to one of these comfortable office chairs, it will remind them of your appreciation each time they start their workday.

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